This book collects many ideas and formulates an innovative and practical way of effective communication in the world of time shortage called “Describe Less, Think More” or “DLTM” which is the principle to make communication simple, to lead thinking synthesized and to get conclusion significant. It also makes the author and the readers meet halfway, between the author’s idea and experience sharing and the readers’ imagination and implementation. The questions this book gives the answers consist of: 1) What should we expect about communication in daily life? 2) What is good or effective communication? 3) How does effective communication make life better? 4) What is the better tool we are talking to? 5) What is the actual outcome? 6) Why it has to be DLTM and how to use it?

Welcome to the journey of working with a better tool of communication to make life better!

By Thanakrit Lersmethasakul
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