b “If you want to change your life, reframe your frame!”
-The psychological wisdom that changes me frame
-How to live wisely without regret in a world full of misunderstanding and prejudice
– The 10th Anniversary Revision Edition of the classic Frame, chosen by 300,000 readers, is the window of the heart of the world.
A view of a problem, a mindset for the world, a metaphor for the world, and stereotypes of people all fall within the category of the frame. As a frame, it acts as an assistant to lead the world in a certain direction, but at the same time it acts as a censor to limit the world we see.

People often think of frames only as having a mind. But the frame is not just a mind. With one decision, the frame does not change easily. You must repeat the reframe process constantly until it becomes a habit. Frames are more of a design than a decision. We need to examine language and metaphors, assumptions and assumptions, words and questions, experiences and contexts, and then design and construct something better. Just as you increase your muscles through regular exercise, you need to acquire new frames through regular and repetitive exercises.

This book proves that our illusions, errors, pride and prejudice, mistakes and misunderstandings are caused by frames and suggests ways to escape them. To come out of a world full of misunderstandings and prejudice, to understand others, to equip with wisdom and humility to create a better life. Thats why we need to learn frames. The ultimate goal of the frame is to break ones own frame, to be reborn with wise vision and reflection and to create a free and happy life.

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