Between December 7 and 10, 2014, Mr. Thanakrit Lersmethasakul, Master’s students in Management and Strategy (MS) from College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU), presented their research work which were supervised by Associate Professor Dr. Nathasit Gerdsri at ISPIM 2014 conference.

Mr. Thanakrit presented the topic of “Web-based Design for the Status of a Technology Roadmap”. As Technology Roadmapping (TRM) is essential to business that helps management enabling their decision making to support technology plan and investment, this research has design a computerized system to integrate the evaluation model for determining the status of a roadmap and turn it into a web-based application to help management respond to changes impacting their current roadmap in a timely manner.

Here is a reflection about the conference…

“This is a good opportunity to participate in ISPIM conference. Providing hot topic discussion circles lead to an excellent knowledge sharing session apart from paper presentation. The innovation tour is the impressed culminating activity for showcasing innovation in Singapore. I realized that the good experience usually come from participating with the experts in the field.”

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