International Graduate Research Conference 2013. December 20, 2013 : The Graduate School, Chiang Mai University


Sawitree Surawit, Thanakrit Lersmethasakul, Ponpiboon Satangput, Nuntana Podjananuntakul
Government Enterprise Architecture and Policy Department,
Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization)


Currently, it is hard to deny that ICT plays very important roles in daily life. With the growth of information flow, democracy also becomes interest of people. Peoples call for their right and want to express their opinions. Base on the previous factors, Open Government is essential and initiated in many countries, such as United States, Australia and South Korea. Beside, there are also international indexes in the transparency and e-Government, International organization, including the related research reports that also focus on improving transparency of government.  Thailand is not an exception.  Electronics government agency (EGA) under Ministry of ICT, therefore, researches on this emerging trend in order to achieve a clear understanding and to improve participation, collaboration and transparency between government and other sectors. After an extensive study data of other international agencies such as Transparency International, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Gartner Inc., United Nations and in depth interviews with key stakeholders including suggestion from Waseda University Institute of e-Government, Waseda University, the concept of Open Government with some recommended projects have been formed.  Further discussions were conducted amongst people through crowdsourcing under the e-Participation program at named as “สรอ. ขอความรู้”. From the study, it is found that “e-Government is not just information technology but e-Government can improve transparency, collaboration and participation between other sectors and to lead the country towards better future.” The results of this study are Open Government recommended projects and policy recommendations for further development of Open Government in Thailand, which includes Open Government should be in the ICT Master Plan, the study of possibility to become a member of Open Government Partnership.