The StrateSpace Planner is a life coach combined tool and lightweight system for encouraging you to live your best life and achieving your meaningful goals.

What’s inside?
PRINCIPLE, FRAMEWORK, AND STRATEGY: The Strate Way + Integrated Life Platform will lead you to a simple but efficient for life management through this planning form.
MAINLY – Knowing yourself and mastering the desired life along with the BPA process (Believe-Perceive-Achieve) that is structured to help you begin with the end in mind then chunking them down to actionable steps for achieving your goals in your yearly, monthly, weekly & daily planning.
YEARLY – Three-month view pages showing what you need or plan to perform quarterly.
MONTHLY – Monthly view pages for a note section to writing down important tasks, appointments or any inspirational things you want.
WEEKLY – Weekly view pages contain enough writing place for your detailed daily planning, appointments and activities. Also, it can help you keeping track of all days with a clear weekly view.
FEATURED – Size: 6.12″ x 9.25″ | 188 Planning Pages | Life Management Guidance | Freeform Note Pages | Practical and Efficient with Easy Time Management, Easy to Carry, and Easy to Write.

By Thanakrit Lersmethasakul
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