International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum 2014. December 7-10, 2014. Singapore


Thanakrit Lersmethasakul, Nathasit Gerdsri


Technology Roadmapping (TRM) is the strategic approach to link between business strategy and the development of technologies. The key benefit of TRM is to help management enabling their decision making to support technology plan and investment. The monitoring system of a roadmap status is necessary in order to maintain, adjust or revise a roadmap according to the effects of changes from external factors. Although, the analytical approach for evaluating TRM status has been studied but it is still at the conceptual level. To enhance the practicality and the ease of use of the evaluation model, more works are needed to turn it into an operationalizable form. This research has design a computerized system to integrate the evaluation model for determining the status of a roadmap and turn it into a web-based application to help management respond to changes impacting their current roadmap in a timely manner.